Thursday, March 10, 2011

avocado agony.

I'm sitting at my desk, once again, with my beloved laptop open. A McKay outline is the only window open. Three AP review books (2 AP European History, 1 AP Art History) are open on my desk. My most recent purchase, the Barron's AP Euro, is spread across my sweatpants clad pants. I'm reading about the unification of Italy. It's hard to concentrate though. I just had dinner so there's not growling from my stomach nor do I feel empty.

However, I do want an avocado.

I want nice green and yellow slices to melt in my mouth like butter. A squirt of lemon juice and it can make my day. I prefer guacamole to salsa. Too much salsa can wilt a crispy tortilla chip. The chunks might slide off too easily. Guacamole is perfect.

I wonder what salmon and guacamole would taste like. The other day I had a maki that consisted of raw salmon, avocado, and julienned cucumbers. It's not the proper way to eat makis but I can't resist dipping slices of maki into soy sauced tinged with wasabi. The salmon and avocado are buttery. The cucumbers add a cool crisp. It makes sure that the maki isn't just rice and butter.

Okay, back to Italian unification. I have two tests tomorrow and chamber orchestra tonight. Oh, lucky me.

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